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James is an artist/blacksmith from Alabama.  His creations are unique as he uses no templates.  The steels he chooses are what he feels will give the best balance of edge holding and strength for a given application.    

  Take a look at the Photo Gallery showing JMC's work.   Since James tackles each piece individually many times using inspiration from the materials he is using.   Check out the FAQ section for info on metals used for blades.  Due to constraints withing this site the number of items for sale is limited.  If you see something you like in the gallery feel free to contact James, that item may still be available or it may be possible to make another that is simular.

 While the prices on our featured products are set, all custom requests will be considered individually. For questions regarding purchases or additional product information, please do not hesitate to contact James directly at

  The great thing about a custom knife is it is just that, custom.


***When selling a piece of art, quality pictures are  important.  Because of this I have opened a Shop at .  If you are interested in purchasing a one of a kind knife or sculpture visit my shop.  With the higher resolution pictures you will be able to better appreciate the quality of the pieces.  

Just go to and look up jmc custom knives.  Thanks!


I will maintain this sight for informational purposes.   


You may visit my channel on youtube.  I have published some videos on forging blades.  You can see how I do it.









Damascus Bowie with Mammoth Tooth/wrought iron.